About Me

What must I tell you, that you don’t know on your own? 

Hi, I am Nikhil. I’m the author of the life-changing  book- Because You Need This! Being an eternal Delhihite, I have always been a fan of photography, writing, and technology. I am a left-handed writer who loves to explore things, who enjoy every single gift of life and uninterruptedly indulge in gleaning the things which inspire me, question me, interest me and most imperatively make me fall in love with them. I like watching movies, reading novels that inspire me and having conversations that are out of this world. I believe that we can live our fairytale within this life, one just needs to try for it. If you are looking for my professional bio, get in touch here- LinkedIn.


With you, you are complete.

Be still and look at the depth of your soul, look what you see, glean what you should. You are both shallow and filled, munificent and menace, funny and devilish,
And trust me, It will always be on you what you want to cherish.

Go with love, grow with love.