10 Things to Let Go Before 2019 Ends

While having my coffee and snacks, one of my friends call me and begin to talk about how this year has come to an end. It took me a minute to recall that it’s only two weeks left for us to get over this happy bit of 2019! It was just a day ago when it was 1st Jan 2019  and we were sitting together making plans for the well being of 2019! I really do hope that this year had given you all the peace and love you have wished for, but even if it hasn’t- don’t be disheartened as I am also one of them who couldn’t do well with some of the things in it. There’s no rainbow with the rain- right? While I have had some of the great days in it- I also had times when the only thing I had with clear vision was what I am going to eat next.

 While every year brings some good news, situation and events in our lives. It also bought some of the bad moments, habits and situations, and no matter how much we hated them- we kind of hold on to the memories and often relive the same to feel the embarrassment and pain again.
What should we do? Let go! yeah, we feel like we are perfect as we are but we do hold on to many little things which add up to no benefit- let go these unknown things to be utterly light and happy. Let’s know what things you truly have to let go of!  

Let Go Series- 10 things to let go before year ends

Let go of the bad things from the past to enter in the coming year with enthusiasm, love and an inspired heart. You owe it to yourself! Here I am going to share my personal favourite ideas on letting go before the year ends-: 

1) Let Go of your Unreal Problems 

We are often troubled by problems which are not even problems. The basic reason why we want more than 70% of the things is the reason that someone else has them. We don’t know but these meaningless comparisons with others are eating up our peace and happiness. For months in 2019, I have wanted things for the same reason because someone else has them, later I realised what truly matters to me and everything changes from there and then. 

Don’t dwell into meaningless comparisons (future problems) Do it up to the mind it feels fine for our body, mind and soul. 

2) Forgive them for breaking you.

Whether we like it or not- every year we found ourselves amind friends and friends like enemies. Yes, I am talking about the people who had broken our heart into many different pieces. 2019 has come to an end, and so should the pain. Whatever happened has happened and there’s no point of holding grudges for what they have done. Take a deep breath, remember it all and then let it go for once and for all. Remember forgiving isn’t about them but you. Move on and free yourself from the pain. 
To enter new things in life you have to be at peace with yourself and that can only come from forgiving them. Create your peace- wish them luck and let them go.  

3) It’s time to conclude

Who are you? What do you like? What makes your heart beats?
It’s time to conclude. Our life has a series of dark days and happy nights. There will be days when you can’t stop partying and night when you can’t wait to get over with. Everything seems highlighted and dull at the same times, but you have to conclude. Not forever but for now. 
Ask yourself these questions. Find out your tribe and let go of everything you are faking (you are not) for people around you. 

4) Let go of winning others 

We all have this habit to win over- the next person, the next discussion and the next environment. 
Every day of our lives we go out and try to do that- and what we end up with- endless hollowness and anger. 
What’s the answer? It lies in the question itself-” you want to win yourself or the other?” You will know the truth and hence the freedom from the endless anger and frustration. Go fly. 

5) Let go the layer of hollowness

Ask yourself- How many layers of smiles- act and fear you carry with yourself and how many of them are necessary? In the thrust of becoming happy- we become the hollow instead. We don’t say what we feel, act how we should or stay as we actually are. 

Result-: Endless suffering & a severe end of meaningful relationships of ourselves with others. 

Let go of these layers and accept your authentic self. Be as you are and you will achieve so much more.

6)  It’s not them- but you!

You know the person who hates yourself the most for being who you are. It’s YOU! Let go of self-hate. You are not just the shape of your body or the number of your scale. Learn to love your imperfections and grow with them. Only once you change the perspective, you’ll change your life. 

Pro-tip: Replace self-hatred with self-love. 

7) Let go of thinking everyone is happier than you. 

There isn’t a single person who is truly happy in this world, but we see as if everyone else is superior happier and amazing than us. That’s the poison we live every day. Let it go. Let it go and know that you are in the right place where you need to evolve and grow. How so? Because this is the experience life is giving you at this moment.

8) Let go of negative thoughts

Negative thoughts will kill your brain and leave you unhappy. So kill all such thoughts before they take on to your happiness. The glass is half full and half empty. Try looking at the brighter side. 

9) Let Go of the worry of the unknown 

Most of us fear not what we know but what we don’t. And No matter how much you worry about your future, you will never know it has in store for you. Instead, you will be wasting your today by being nothing but sad. Least you can do is do something that will make your tomorrow better. Stop worrying and live your life today.

10) Let go of the past 

Renew, release, and let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day of the rest of your life. 

All the best for new adventures! 

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