20 life changing quotes by left handed author

Life gets us all, and frankly, there’s no way out. We often try looking for answers, for ways to sort things but sometimes no matter how much efforts we put in, nothing truly helps. I have been through such difficult episodes where nothing seems to help, relationships where no expression was enough and time where everything seems still.

But instead of weeping tears and writing how badly I screw up, I decided to cherish moments & say it with art so that you won’t have to go through what I have encountered in my life.

Before I start, I want you to remember that you are not alone.

20 Life Soothing Quotes By Left Handed Author

1. Wondering how to improve the quality of your life? This will help…

Quotes Left Handed Author

2. Whenever it is getting too heavy…

let go-left-handed-author

3. Remember to save yourself, not from the enemy but…

Save yourself-lefthandedauthor-quotes

4. Because you can get money again, but not time.

time quotes left handed author

5. So, now you have found a goal, but the process is killing you. It’s time to love that.

fall in love with the process quotes- left handed author

6. Nothing making sense in life? Don’t worry.

No Sense- Left Handed Author

7. What’s the point? 

Break old Stereotypes- Left Handed Author

8. If you feel like people don’t listen to you, try this.

heart speaks quotes- lefthandedauthor

9. Any problem? It’s time to fix that.

Fix your problems- left handed author

10. He loves me; He loves me not. Don’t think that much, go by your gut. 

Listen to your gut- Left handed author

11. I am missing something; I don’t know what. Ah, that’s me. 

Missing yourself- Left handed author

12. I have a degree, does that counts? Hell No!  

Roots- Family Quotes-left handed author

13. She,”I am sorry, I am not going to help you out. I have no reason to do so.”
He,”you know what…

Reason for life quotes left handed author

14. Value those who love you. Life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised. 

She and magic left handed author

15. That’s universal. What matter is whether you will do it or not? 

Choice or chance- left handed author

16. But I don’t think I am good enough.

Perfect quotes-left handed author

17. Me too have scars, and I think they make me more handsome.

Scars makes you beautiful-left handed author

18. That’s my happy wish for you. 
True love- left handed author














19.  How about that? 


20. And I set you free now, will you let yourself be free? 


If there’s something that is killing you and you feel all alone, I am all ears. I will try to listen to your problem and give you the honest review. Feel free to reach out via the contact page. I am here for you.


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  1. Stupendous..!!
    Such an inspiring quotes from your soul power. I appreciate this blog post wholeheartedly. These have stimulate power to transform anyone’s thoughts & consequently their impact on life.
    Kudos… Keep up the good work.
    God bless Left Handed Author..!!

  2. And.. your writings matter to world.. 🙂
    Thanks for being by side. We all really need it. Thanks a lot..!!

  3. So many authors write so many things. However, what makes you stand out in the crowd is the way you think and the way you channelise your thoughts in the form of quotes. It takes courage and a deep level of understanding to write what people can only try to understand. Hats off to your deep insight and profound understanding of life. If only every one of us started thinking like you do, this world would become a far better place to live in.