Are you the Bird in the Cage?- live your dreams, career choices

No matter how smart or diligent you are, life will get you. Every time you think you are ahead of life, it proves you wrong. It’s the pattern. We can’t run away from it, but we can always take the lesson and build something better. As you are already aware of my habit of picking pieces from life, I am going to share one sweet instance with you that will help you understand the life and encourage you to make better career choices & live your dreams. (because you need this)

Bitty Loves Chintu

Bitty’s Love Tale 

A few days back, two new members came into our lives- yeah the lovebirds. My sister’s fiancée has gifted a lovely pair of birds to her. She loved it and almost jumped in excitement as she got to see them. All of us were happy. We named them Chintu (male bird-blue colour) and Bitty (female bird- yellow). Chintu seems like a peaceful bird whereas bitty so so full of life and energy. She was moving all around, hugging Chintu as much as she can. I love the sort of relationship she was having with him. I sincerely loved that purely but maybe destiny doesn’t seem to be a fan of happy moments. We wake up next day, and the first thing we have come to know is that Chintu no more with us. We were heartbroken. He couldn’t last a day in my home. I wonder whether he was having some health problem before he even gets here. It was the sad day for us. A bad Sunday, but then things changed for bitty. She was alone now. There’s no one among us who could understand her language. We were taking care of her food and shelter needs, but there’s nothing much we can do. Likewise, days become weeks & weeks turned into months.

Leading busy lives in our different zones, neither my sister or I could be able to spare much time to be with her. We were so occupied in our lives that we sometimes even forget that she’s with us. Although, I have tried to be with her whenever I was home and shared what I feel in the hope that a part of her would understand but still something breaks in me every time I saw her.

And then, I decided to set her free. I asked community people like milk provider, vegetable seller but couldn’t find a solution. After losing hope for all these people, I decided to lead and do it on my own. I went to the rooftop with bitty’s cage and then opened the gate of her cage. I tried to put my hand inside and take her out, but she didn’t let me. I was amazed, I was setting her free to fly near the tree, but she doesn’t want to get out. She was alone inside, and she can find her mate, and live under the free sky. And that’s what I wanted for her. So, I kept the door open and waited for her to come outside. I sat and remained there for about one hour, she didn’t come out, but I didn’t lose hope. I tried setting her free from different floors, even went to the park so that she would come out if she sees birds who look like her. I repeated the same process for about a week and then one day something happened.

I took her to the rooftop and slowly opened the gate and made hand gestures for her to come out. She began moving inside the cage but couldn’t come out. For a moment, I shook my head and started looking out at the roadside people. It was about 7 in the evening, and I saw a lot of people coming from their offices. I saw their sad faces and dull eyes, and suddenly something makes sense.

Bitty’s life is nothing but an example of modern days’ people live. Though there’s a chance of finding the better mate, meeting new people and have great experiences, she kept herself in as she was getting a stable life. She’s getting food and water and shelter– something that is hard and uncertain in the outer world. Knowing this reality, she kept herself grounded like a human does when they get monetary rewards.

Do you feel like the bird in the cage?

The saddest part of our society is that we all feel that way. Hardly 0.5% people are following their dreams and living it to the best; rest are residing like bitty is. Just making compromises for the rewards of a stable life. But remember, you don’t have to be like her, you can make better choices, you can accept the fear and take the challenges for living the life of your dreams. And there’s a way you can achieve all of that, that’s goes through knowing the sciences and genuinely true principles I have shared in my book – Because you need this by the left-handed author. Get the copy and gift yourself a life you are utterly proud of having, not the one that looks dull but steady. Now the only thing that matter is what you decide to be. Just the bird or better than that. The choice is yours.

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