The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost to reach out eagerly and without fear for richer and newer experience.

                                                                                            -Eleanor Roosevelt


I really feel there’s something huge about this year. I launched this website on the first day of the year, and since then, the universe has planned its way to make things happen. During the first week of January, the World Book Fair started and there and then, started a new journey of exploring and magic. Every other day, I used to receive messages from friends visiting the stall and finding the book there. It was all sweet and delightful, and then finally the day comes when I personally had to visit the World Book Fair in person and attend the meet and greet function at the World Book Fair 2018. I was quite excited by the idea of being in my readers and interacting with them. We all work hard for our dreams and when a thing happened that makes you feel closer to that, you got the super awesome feeling. That’s what I have felt in my being when I was about to go for the event. All I wanted is to be my original self, that is why I didn’t prepare to be something I was not. I just invited those I love and went there to the event.

And yes, it was nothing less than a miracle. It was surely the first time when I was having an event for my book – Because you need this, that too at the World Book Fair, so you can understand how I would have felt. Nervous, Excited and Impatient, or all at once!


  • Meet New People
  • Spent Time with the Helpful Organisers & Kalamos Team (The Publishing House)
  • Seen the craze in the eyes of the Readers
  • Observed A Million Readers All Around
  • Laughed
  • Clicked Pictures with attendees, Friends and the organizers
  • Met Ravinder Singh (Celebrity Author- I too had the love story) (Motivational Meeting it was!)
  • Had the awesome interview session with the Kevin Missal (The Author of KALKI- Best Selling Novel)

Have a look at the images -:


Amid all the interaction, book signing, and giggles- the one thing that has inspired me for good, is my interaction with Kevin Missal, the author of Dharmayodha Kalki. He is on the Best Seller List of 2017 and still going great with his book. And the interaction becomes wonderful when he decided to take my interview for the book- Because You Need This!  Want to know what he has asked me? Check it out.


  • That if you believe yourself and take a step-in faith, universe reward you with great things.
  • That if you know it in your heart, and are ready to follow it relentlessly, you are going to find the way.
  • That there are people out there, who will understand and help you in your journey. Look out for them.
  • That no matter what they tell you if your heart beats for it, go for it. Life is a gamble, no matter what you do, there will be consequences. So, just stop listening to the society and listen to the dim voice of your heart just for once, it will take you there.
  • No matter how good or bad, be yourself. Try to improvise but don’t forget the originality of your being.

So that was my experience of being in the World Book Fair for the Author Session & Book Signing and Interview. Now, I leave you for more adventures, magic, and surprises, because life is one and you don’t know how wonderful tomorrow could be. Thank you, everyone, for wishing me, being there for me, and helping me have the first successful event of Because You Need This! More Coming Soon, till then, Keep dreaming, believing and achieving them.Cheers.







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