Corona Virus- An Accidental Problem Or Intentional One

Reality is merely an illusion- Albert Einstein
Whenever I open my television, go out to purchase a grocery thing, call a friend- all I can hear is coronavirus! There’s a pressure I feel in my veins every time I sneeze or a have a mild cold or headache, my heart seems to pound every time someone sneezes while talking in my room and still there’s a part of me who want to cut the call instantly when I hear the other person sneezing wondering if somehow the virus can reach me here (stupid but a fear, that’s what it seems to be) 
We are kind of dealing with a virus that not only makes you the loneliest person on the planet but also a virus that makes you wonder about your speed to exit from this life. Life’s uncertain quote seems a lot real these days. It’s one of its kind, the virus that breaks you inside you down, torn your mental health into isolation and chances that take on your life. 
It’s a virus that is swiftly entering our daily lives and killing everything that comes in its way. As per WHO, the total number of cases of coronavirus is 276,987 and about 11423 people have lost their lives. Unfortunately, the number would have been increased by the time you read this. This virus is now almost at every part of the world and has crashed the economy harder than anything we can imagine. Schools, colleges, restaurants, business, railways almost everything has been shut to the core. We are living in a time unknown, tackling a situation we have no idea about. It has destroyed thousands of lives along with the myth of what we live into and brought us all back into our home rethinking about the purpose & true happiness of our life.  
Well, at one place where the entire world has been brought together as one entity, who knows the reality could be entirely different? Being a seeker of the other side, I am compiling all that could have been the true face of this deadly virus Let’s find out. 

A Different Perspective on the Outbreak

Since ages, we have thought that the world has been run over by a group of people. People who come under the minute percentage of 0.5-0.6% of the entire world population and allegedly said to control the world. These influential men or women could be the people with power, insane money and access to all the worldly resources. 

Who knows these are behind the outbreak of such a deadly disease?
We all know that there has been the magnanimous amount of investment in the area of -:
A. Artificial intelligence,

B. Data science,
C. Machine learning,
D. Internet of things,
E. And work without human (advance use of robots)
 Obviously, these elite groups have played cards of money and power into these areas. But even after the huge advancement, are we actually able to see these things happening around us? Yes or no? Ask yourself about this! 
All the developed technologies are still in the control of those who can pay, not otherwise. About 75% of the world still pretty much wants to do things in the same way as they are now.
Could it happen that these people would be behind the creation and outspread of the virus?
Is today’s situation around the globe some kind of PRE-TRIAL  to take the BIG decision to CHANGE our lives? 
So, all the humans would be forced to live inside their home and then robots will be infused to work on the factories, manufacturing units instead of a man/women. What do you think? 
As per a report sent by soph Bern from Hubspot, Ai with robots are more likely to take up the jobs which are now occupied by humans. Yes jobs like: 
  1. Giving news on television 
  2. Cleaning home, cars, etc
  3. Manufacturing Workers
  4. Jobs in mall/retail 
  5. Bookkeeping Clerks
  6. Receptionists 
  7. Proofreaders
  8. Retail Salespeople
After knowing, do days of watching robots working instead of a man seem much closer to you? 

Alternative truth behind the deadly virus

Also, it’s an evident fact that the virus is more deadly in the older group of people with less immunity. Under such circumstances, could it happen that countries with more older people have curated it to eradicate such age groups so that earthly resources would be utilised better among the left-outs?
Fewer people, a better world? Isn’t it?
Considering the no cure, heavy consequences and more death situation, it seems that there’s a lighter version behind the very existence of it. Could it happen that these influential people were just trying the virus out and it accidentally spread out and now there’s no cure for it? 
Throughout the last two decades, we have been watching movies as a sign which speaks of zombies entering the world and distorting it, aliens attacking us or robots taking over the entire species. Now, while being sensible- the origin of the coronavirus and its contagious nature really point it out as a mechanism to stop, distort and change the world. 
It’s hard to know what’s truly behind the picture but as you know thought can travel to the universe and think differently. All my thoughts are like a mirror which you haven’t paid attention to. We don’t know what’s ahead of us, but it’s time to think mindfully and prepare. You already know how to keep yourself or your loved ones safe, the question is- will you? The choice is yours. 

Stay safe and healthy!!

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