Life is just so beautiful; it’s full of lessons, moments of inspiration and adventures, isn’t it? But still, there are moments in life when we feel burdened, sad or depressed. As life’s not always easy and we have to face those situations which we never thought could happen. Then? What to do? Nothing, you got just two choices, either confront the situation or run from it. Nonetheless, quitting is easy and an act done by the coward. Brave people face the situations with courage, determination, and persistence and come out of your problems shiningly. That’s the way it should be, right? But what to do when you are facing a lot of issues from a lot of different sphere in your life? It’s easier to feel uplifted and courageous in a beautiful day like today, but it’s difficult having the same when things aren’t going in your favor. A lot of people give up, fall into depression, and even suicide when they are unable to find any solutions in their life. Problems are communal, almost every second person living in our society is having some difficulties to brag about but have you ever thought on the reasons behind that? Why are we facing such diversities in our life? What bad have we done that we are so consumed with such situations? Hard to say. I am no one to tell you that, but I have a theory, a theory that presents a new dimension of thinking- Dekho Kuch Aise Bhi.

What’s the problem?

The problem lies with our viewpoint and understanding our habits. We are in crisis with a lot of issues just because of our just one trait. People from different religions, upbringing are facing countless problems only because of their one bad habit. What’s this all about? Nothing but our habit of “demanding.” We keep on demanding things from God all the time. We keep on demanding god of our wishes, desires, and goals. How about some mindful phrases like “Please fulfill my dream, and I will not ask you for anything” “Please give me a loving life partner” “Please make my business a big success.” “Please God, help me get high marks in my examination”, and what not. We all have heard and said these things at some part of our life, and that my friend is the cause of all consequences.

There’s a saying in Hindu religion. “No one gets before time and more than destiny” but we are so ambitious that we forget that and keep on following the same nature. The only place we make a mistake is to forget that there’s no such thing for free. If we are taking oxygen from plants, we are giving them carbon dioxide to live. It’s a two-way process; the whole universe is working on the give & take mechanism. Now if nothing happens for free, how can our almighty give us things just because we have prayed him? He doesn’t. He provides us what we want, but he took something from us. He’s the greatest of us all. That’s why he made whatever he likes and whenever he likes.

Nevertheless, when he took things from us, it began to hurt us. It started to hurt our mind and soul and lead us to unbearable grief and sadness. It could come in the form of a disease, a loss in business, heartbreak, or a trouble of losing something important to us. Whenever he took something from us, we feel extreme pain. Why? Because we don’t have this habit of giving things in return. We human beings just know how to take things from people, how to collect and grow, but not how to grant. It’s essential for us to bestow, but it’s not what we do really.

On that note- What’s the Answer?

This most challenging situation in life has the simplest solution. Everything in this world has a solution expect the few unsaid things. The answer lies in understanding our abilities and believing upon them.

Allow me to explain the same with the help of my perception. My father was 30 years old when I came into this world. He has spent over three decades on this planet. Now imagine what if God has given my father the option to choose the greatest of gems for me in the exchange of my body parts or choose me unconditionally. What my father would have selected? The whole perfect body with good health. Isn’t it? Yes, he would have asked for a happy healthy body without choosing the other precious jewels. He would have said, “Give me the healthy child, God. He will earn all other things with his abilities.” This means that my father has considered me capable of achieving all the luxuries on my own. Was he right? Hell yeah!

The ultimate truth of all time is the fact that we can accomplish all things always.

What should we do?

  1. We just have to change our demanding nature to a more sensible and compassionate one. We should stop demanding things from people instead of asking for our efforts. Here’s a list of things that you can do.
  2. Stop being so demanding to your god and be more compassionate
  3. Believe in yourself. You can achieve your dreams- no matter how far they seem from your opinion.
  4. When you have to demand God about something- say to him to give as much as your efforts. And if your goal is bigger than your efforts, tell him to guide you the directions to do more shots so that you can achieve it. He will do that free for you.
  5. God will provide you many hints and signs of the path you will on, and it’s for free. He will not charge you anything for it.
  6. When you visit holy places, just try to be gentle. Imagine how would you feel if someone comes to your home and starts asking about countless things without a pause. You would want to throw such person out of your home, don’t you? Now assume, how god would have felt when you do the same when you pay him a visit to holy places? Stop asking and be gentle. Say things to god like “It’s been many days since I have visited you.” “I was passing by so thought to pay a visit.” “I was missing your lovely smile, so visited you.” Say things that please you and him. Remember, he sees what you want before you mentioning him.
  7. If there’s one thing you must ask about him, it’s to provide you with the right direction to your dreams.That’s something he does for free.

Change the mentality. Make efforts for whatever you wish to have, and if things lose your control, don’t wait to ask him for help. If things aren’t under your control, he will be here with you. But if things are still manageable, the best thing you should do is keep making efforts and searching more ways. Who knows, you discover your way of living.

That’s just a thought that can help you understand the reason behind your problems and help you come out of it. Be nice and gentle. All the best.

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