First, I would like to wish you a pleased and prosperous new year 2018! I hope this year brings a lot of happiness, love, and magic in your life. There go the traditional new year wishes, what else? Well, to revamp your memory, I want to draw your attention to the video question I raised a couple of months ago about the Europe trip. (If you didn’t remember, watch the video below, and you will know) I have received many answers & requests with questions like- shall I take my parent’s along? Will I grant more money for shopping? Can I even go to nearby states and explore more?

One of the girls even rejected the trip saying that she cannot spend her parent’s hard earned money for the trip. She will make it for herself. One of my friends said that if he’s not given extra money for partying and shopping, he won’t go for it. Well, it’s all that they have said, but now the time has come when I should finally explore the magic of Europe trip. After all, it’s the first day of this year, what could be better than this?

Europe Trip Mystery Unfold.

Let’s look at the Stats of Europe Trip First-
1. 60 days Trip
2. Two-way ticket to Europe()
3. Food for all three times of a day
4. Shelter for your entire stay
5. Then, you have to come back and proceed with your existing life.

6. Question- What will you do?

Answers I have received-
a. I will Explore.
b. I will travel as much as I can.
c. I love my parents and want them to go with me.
d. I will go there, explore, fall in love with people, make good experiences and come back happily.
e. I will only go if I get money to enjoy there too.
f. I would enjoy each day like it’s the last day of my life.
g. I will know more about other culture and get more experiences.
h. I always wanted to play; I will learn music and play it to people.
i. I wanted to act in theatre, but couldn’t due to life and work, if I get these 60 days, I will live my dreams.

And almost everyone has asked me the same question- What will you do, Nikhil?

To listen to the answer, I want you to observe something else, something God or Almighty has given you.

1. 60 years’ life (Normal life expectancy)
2. Birth and Death- (Two ways ticket)
3. Food and Shelter- (Almighty has arranged our food and shelter already)
4. Once we are done, we shall leave to our real home.

Aren’t we all given this already, the life trip? What we forget after coming here is that it is all limited. We skipped that we had limited time and began falling into the trap of jealousy, envy, and negativity. That wasn’t the plan. When I asked the question about Europe trip, not even a single person has mentioned about any bad thing. Nobody said that they would go there and kill people, rape the next gender, or steal ideas. That’s the magic and this year is all about magic. You see, we have come here for exploring, love and experience. We have come here for happiness and moments to lose everything for, not to be jealous and envy or hold evil thoughts about any person, that’s not our purpose.

I would do the same as I said, I will explore, rise in love, help as much as I can and create moments larger than life. And I hope you do the same.

In 2018,

Dekho Kuch Aise Bhi!

Because You Need This!

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  1. Hello my friend! I wish to say that this post is awesome, nice written and have a great philosophy of living. Looking for the next posts of yours.