It is very hard to know the amount of significance love hold in our lives. We live in a generation of fast-forwarding people where people want to have things just for the sake of showing off, where people want to complete their desires instead of seeking a long-lasting connection. In the ever-changing mechanical world, Anamika Mishra has changed the perception of love with her incredible bestseller book- For the sake of love.

After a long time, I have finished a book in one sitting in one day and this is it. That one sitting in love has infilled me with hope and so I decided to go on and write a fulfilling book review about it. I thought of posting the same on Amazon but maybe my words wanted a different place for their expression, the blog of the left-handed author.

The Unique love tail

The whole story revolves around a young and modern girl- Twisha Khanna, finding a stack of old letters and going in search of their writer. Twisha represents a lot of people from nowadays period. The way we truly are and the way we feel about our emotions, it’s all reflected in twisha. It seems like she has worked on the character of twisha and that has really worked.

The Love Letters 

The letters were written by a writer to his loved ones and twisha finds them on her job visit to Shimla. Yes, you read it right. The book is about a love story that comes to peace with the love letters. How romantic! Although, modern days interventions and our mechanical minds are constantly killing the charm of “love letters”, the story brings them back to life. I loved reading all the letters in the story. It’s amazing for sure.

The whole story clarifies the concept of love and letting go. It talks about how long one should wait for the person they have loved, especially if no promises are made. The tail clarifies whether to hold on no matter how long it takes, or move on instead.

For the Sake of Love: Why Worth to Read?

For the sake of love justifies its title and rebuild the foundation that is continuously becoming feeble. The story regenerates the trust about love, kindness, forgiveness and happiness, something which is most needed these days.

The book cover is appealing and justifies the story it holds within. The writing style of the Anamika Mishra is quite interesting, as it keeps you close until or unless you discover the secrets author creates. There are a few heart-breaking scenes that might bring tears to your eyes but these are the moments you will remember because they will bring the new person out of you. I loved the dedicated effort she had made and salutes her magical style of storytelling.

If you ask about the one quote that I unconditionally love from the book, here it goes-:

If you feel that true love doesn’t exist, go to near bookstore and buy- For the sake of love.



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