Nothing Supernatural!

I feel so much human today. More human than you. What does that mean? Why do I emphasise that? Any specific reason or just in human case? Ha-ha, how weird is that we feel human only sometimes? What about the other times? Maybe robots, maybe machine with mechanical needs, maybe selfish toys who want to use others for their own good, or maybe divine for loving other gallantly (only sometimes!)

So, I was telling you about how much human I am feeling, it means feeling vulnerable, low, loved and a bit of a deadly combination of magic.

I am feeling all those that a kid in twenties can feel troubled with the magical and romantic dilemma of love and career-ship! Yet, I wonder if I have a relationship advice /career guidance for you. Yes, two twisted triangles where everything seems impossible. Why? Because you are hoping for different things to happen with different circumstances. You are having a career line which is not really what you want. You want to make changes and opt out something with all your heart, but the society is standing in your way and opposing it. Just because you are capable of something doesn’t really make you the perfect option for that, but this is something your parents and society fail to recognize. On the other hand, you are having someone in your life which is still not yours and there could be a possibility of having or not having the person because everything is related to time. If you manage some things in time and give everything that you have got, you got a chance to them, but there’s no surety on how they will treat you, on what kind of conceptual and musical dilemma they are going through. After all, everyone is having their own life and their own prior sets. Just because you love them or want to get them in your life, doesn’t make them any less about their own self-driven dreams and what not.

It could happen that you are willing to love and support the other person until the dawn comes and maybe even after that. However, is that what you truly want? What if they are running over some other things and you are nowhere in their life plan? People want stability, money and comfort. Rarely people want to be with the makers kind. Love is about intangible things. It’s the sweetest emotion, but it is very rarely mutual. Especially for a person like you who is fighting with so much of inner demons.

Now, How Do You Feel?

Happy? Confused? Spirited? Loved? Motivated? …Or Low and lonely?

Okay, let’s see the other side. Life is never fair and there could be people fighting for their lives where you are just cursed over the bad breakfast. There could be people who have just one hour turned left to live with so many dreams. There could be those who are already ahead of you in terms of marriage and work but wonder if they have what you have at the moment. Life is very different for everybody, and it’s okay if you are confused about whatever happening with you inside out. Just take a deep breath and try to think for yourself.

Just think of the best of what you can do, and do that. Focus on the important parts and think of the possible actions. Who knows good things are waiting for you? Who knows she says a yes and who knows you got the chance to serve in the place of your dreams with the opportunity of building a life in just the way you want to. Don’t stop believing in the things you do or keep them close. You may be having this fight between your heart and your mind, but this part of your story which makes you the kind of person who always dreamed of becoming. Have patience. The battle your mind and heart are fighting has an answer and It will come to you in peace. Be at peace first and then, take thoughtful actions. There will be those who love you with all their heart and don’t expect anything in return. Do actions for their sake. Do things with love. Don’t give up just because these two things are disturbing you.

Remember, you can only do great if you are alive. If you are exhausted with all the pressure you are having, there is no damn point, don’t let yourself die so easily. And don’t stop any of what you are feeling from inside, rather just go for it with open hands. Whatever should happen will happen and you will still live and love. Life’s short to keep things to yourself and dying a slow death.

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