How does it feels when you hug someone from opposite gender- Left handed author

Because I am a guy, I would tell you how it feels from my perspective- from a guy’s perspective. Hugging someone means entering their personal space and interacting without words. So, I am going to explain how do I feel while doing that. In the part of the world where I live, people are conservative; they don’t come near you or hug you until you somehow matter a lot in their life. I don’t have a problem with it, but that’s how it really is. Now, here’s the experience of how I felt when the first time I hug someone. And at that point of time, that someone was more than a friend to me.  All of us have the excitement of the things we haven’t done, so I was so full of emotion for getting hugging someone.

Sometimes touch does the magic and hug is the way of experiencing that magic.

If you are the guy, you are ought to take the first step but even if you can’t there’s no problem. Be gentle when that happens to you. Stay as you are, don’t panic and try to connect at the deeper level. Suppose the person is standing right in front of you, you must open your hands and lean forward for them to come close, and at the right time. It will happen. She will come closer and the next moment you both would be interacting without words. Like close to each other, you would be able to listen to her heartbeat and feel the adrenaline rushing in. It’s a moment of music and sudden overflow of happiness. For no reason, you would be feeling complete and smiling. It’s the magical moment where you would feel like you want to stay. It’s a heavenly feeling. If your feelings are pure, you might feel like you are out of the world. Sometimes touch does the magic and hug is the way of experiencing that magic. People might take it in all negative means they can, but I am just explaining how pure it could be. And if you are genuine from heart and soul, it is nothing less than therapy for you.

How does it feels when you hug someone in opposite gender- left handed author

You know the magic of life is that you won’t be able to find a reason behind some things, because they are probably the best ones. There’s no reason on how or why you feel blissful when you hug someone with pure feelings. It’s just how some of the things truly are.

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