I am listening-world mental peace day
We all want fast-forward lives, moments to take our breath away and situations to live it up to our best. But how often do you feel alone in this process? How often this smiling face of yours shows the shallow soul, it carries within? Not much, I doubt. As per Geneva, World health foundation, one in four people in this WORLD will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffering from such conditions where either they can’t define what they feel from inside or have no one who would listen and advise.
Often our near & dear ones think of us as grown-up adults capable of understanding and standing up to our emotions. However, the scenario is entirely different. We become vulnerable at times, and it never appears from the outside. I don’t really have the terms to define the situation where our heart and mind is at a fight with one another, and nothing makes sense. Not even the dreams that we hold for our lives. It indicates a situation where we think about the things we will do once our dream appears to be true. It’s the condition of life where despite all the positivity and motivation, something stays blank in us. It makes our mind over-anxious and angry & incapable of having any rational judgments in life.

Is there a way?

If only you have the will. You can find a solution with anything if you decide to shift your perspective. Here are a few of my hacks for you.

1.  Ask out for help– Don’t hesitate to contact a counselor, life guide or anyone who can help you out.
a. If you earn and have a stable income, don’t hold yourself back regarding expenses as the consequences are worse than physical illness.
b. If you don’t earn, try to find out free resources online in forms of videos, music, podcasts or anything you think can help.
2. Have more sunlight– Try to have a morning routine. Have more fresh air from parks and exercises. Don’t skip it.
3. Act with yourself as if you are someone you love– Often we develop this habit of putting ourselves at last. Don’t do that. Talk to yourself as you are someone you love. Be more warm, gentle and compassionate.
4. Read more books– Walk into the shoes of those who have been there before you and faced these challenges. Walk with them & heal your mind.
5. Don’t Judge– If you compare yourself or someone else with the universe, you will realize how insignificant we are. Don’t judge yourself or others. Don’t fall in the comparison trap. If someone is making something before you, let them and be happy for them.
6. There’s more– It might be a bad day, bad week or a bad month but it is surely not a bad life. You can do well, your time will come.
7. Practice meditation and mindfulness.
Just don’t sit like that living a regular life as it will someday kill you. Take some action and if nothing makes sense, talk to someone. If you feel like you don’t have someone to talk to, feel free to give out to me via the contact page. I will try my best to respond.  You are not alone.
Note– I am not a mental health expert, nor this blog is intended to direct you anything. It’s just done to make you feel more human and have the courage to do something about your situation. If you need professional help, feel free to reach out Prem Peyara (Professional life coach) for more support. Rest, I am here as long as you need a friend to listen and put my insight.
Be one with your body, mind, and spirit.
Happy World Mental Health Day!

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