Income Tax Return- मै क्यों फाइल करुँ?

We Indians live in a pretty busy life, days after days, month after month, we spend most of our life dreaming about things. Isn’t it? Just a few days passed from the ITR filling we seem to have a lot of festivals coming up, such as Rakhi, 15th August (much of a festival), and a lot more. Now that we have mentioned about the ITR, let’s discuss a bit more about it. What do you believe to whom we file ITR? Do we file it to the government or to the country? What are your views on it? A week ago, I was in a friendly discussion with my friends on a Sunday evening in a nice restaurant. Everything was nice and easy until the topic of ITR showed up. The other guy asked, “So, how many of you are about the file the ITR this time?” This precise question turned a lot of faces down, maybe because none of us was going to file it or nobody wanted to share their money secrets to one another.

But then, I replied. “I am not sure about the amount of tax, but I think I am going to file it.” The other friends ronat, mohit and karan, starts giggling while saying, “Oh Nikhil, it feels like someone is making a lot of money.” Karan asked curiously, “but why you are going to pay your money to the government when they aren’t going to do anything? What’s the need for paying taxes when nothing is changing this country?” I understood that Karan was somehow frustrated with the way our government has been working, but I didn’t agree with what he has said. I was upset and confused, I answered him well on the matter, but the whole scene made me think about where our young generations are headed to. This made me start my own voyage of discovery. A voyage to know people mindsets and perspective about taxes and government and undeniably what I heard was overwhelming.

When I have asked these questions about the ITR filing, I received reactions such as-:

“We pay taxes to the government, but I don’t like the government in function. I don’t support it. I am not going to pay taxes.” 

“There’s so much corruption everywhere. Me paying tax will make no significant different it’s not for me.” 

“Oh c’mon, why are you even putting forward this question!”

“I have done that twice. I saw no improvement in the economy, so I stopped doing it.”

After listening for such feedbacks, I was more concerned about the direction we are heading to. Life’s not just about making money and die, isn’t it? There’s so much more and all of that begins from the self-realization of the fact that what are doing is not sufficient.

The Real Answer- Whom do we pay the taxes?

Income tax- left handed author

 Though I have recorded reviews like we pay taxes to the government or the income tax department, it didn’t make any sense to me. Peace comes with truth, and the truth is that we pay taxes to the country or the nation in which we reside. That’s the greatest truth of them all. Whenever we pay taxes, it goes to the country. Government is like an organization that utilizes the fund for the development of the nation. That’s how the whole process works. It’s not just a shift of the words, but a shift of the opinion.

Reasons Why You Must Contribute to Your Nation

Here, I am going to provide you with 5 top reasons why you must contribute to your nation instead of making false assumptions.

  1. There’s a phrase in our holy patriotic prayers in Hindi, “tan, mann, and dhan sab kuch hai tera, tera tujhko arpan kya laage mera.” (It means my health, heart and wealth, everything is yours. I devote my everything to you.) I am sure you have been brought up listening to patriotic songs such as Vande matram, and so on. The song denotes that we must devote our health, wealth or heart into the service and progress of our nation. It states that we must have this feeling to serve our nation by either means. If you get good health, you must join arm forces (air, water, land) to protect the nation. If you are ineligible for joining the army for your nation but having sufficient wealth, you must contribute by paying your share of taxes. Nonetheless, if you can’t contribute through your health and wealth, you must contribute through your positivity. Through your positive thoughts. Like you see, by writing this piece, I am trying my best to help my nation.
  2. As per a study by a renowned university, over 90% of the students in India stated that they wanted to join arm forces, navy, or piolet when they were in their 10th standards, but people and society never let them. Neither students could make their parents understand their vision and ideas them, nor parents guessed that on their own. Later after finishing their schools and colleges, all they could just think about is money. Their innovative plans and ideas fall miserably and they began to reflect on the normal people, just like the rest of us. But you’re reading this blog shows your passion towards the nation. Even though society has tried to bring you down, you still have the potential to change. Thus, I ask you to come forward and contribute your share to it. Our country has already exempted from the annual income up to 4 lacs (with investment options) but knows that you earn more, you must contribute to the country.
  3. When we talk about corruption, what clicks in our mind at first is health dealers, i.e., doctors. Yes, doctors or health care professionals are those who exploit us at the topmost extent. How? Numerous examples, they charge high fees, give improper medicines or undertake lengthy treatments just for the cause of making money. But does that makes us stop visiting them when we fall ill? No, we still visit them with the hope that their medicine/ treatment will do wonders on us. Same goes for Schools, colleges, and other institutions. Now if we are visiting all such people even after knowing their reality with hope, how can we stop contributing to our nation. If you can keep hope in the matter of your health and education, how can you stop having the same with your nation? Don’t give up on your nation. Contribute, whatever you can, it’s your land, your home.
  4. If you think corruption is what stopping your money reach the one who truly needs it, you could be correct, but not 100%. Let’s assume that corruption stops about 70% of the money you are paying as taxes, still 30% are reaching out to the needy. If you stop making your share of contribution, the 30% chance of process will end as well. Contribute your share.
  5. Nothing happens in one day. Even NASA had to plan for years before stepping on the moon. Good results often take time and it’s not that things aren’t improving. We are now using the 4G internet speed, there are roads and highways to shorten the distance, countless progress in hospitals, schools, and workplaces. Things are changing. We must support our country and try to make genuine efforts for the progress, and that can only happen if we contribute.

Let’s talk about those who say that India isn’t a great nation, and it’s full of mistakes and situations. Understand the fact that no nation is complete without its people. It’s the people living in an economy that makes the nation remarkable. Being part of the country, we also have some responsibilities to execute. If every person in India starts completing its responsibility of being a responsible citizen, there’s nothing that can prevent us from being the greatest country in the world.

I Love my India.



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