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Whether its birthday, anniversary or any notable event, every day has its own significance in our lives. It matters to us because it speaks about a feeling or a moment that is somehow close to us. Being a lefty (left-handed author), I must talk about the day that makes me and 10% of the world’s population different from the rest 90%. However, it has been really hard for the left-handers to live in a world designed for right-handed people. But on this magical occasion of International Left-handers day, I am going to talk about some of the most interesting and less known facts about being left-handed people. (It’s not that easy though.)

If I know all this earlier, I would rather have a remarkable journey while growing up as a left-handed author.

8 Less Known Left-Handed People Facts

Left handers Day- International Left Handers day
1. Take on creative avenues

Lefties tend to thrive in the original visual experience, while righties are mostly renowned for their expertise in maths and science. You can find such lefties making money from different creative careers and living a more in-depth and meaningful life. This happens due to the use of the right side of the brain as all righties use the left side in general. Just for the record, 4 out of the 5 original designers of Macintosh computer apple were left handed.

2. Emotional & Big Thinker

One of the other exciting aspects of being left-handed is that they are emotional and sensitive. Being a lefty makes you think from your heart and not mind, and that will be your life, forever. However, this also creates the ability to think big & out of the box for the magical future.

3. Higher IQs

Lefties are genius. Following the research at St. Lawrence University in New York, there were about 140 left handed people with IQs when compared to right-handed people. Not to mention, Albert Einstien, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Benjamin Franklin, all were lefties. Hard to fight with history, right?

4. Famous & Classy- Lefties make their way

If you don’t know, some of the most famous and renowned people in the world are lefties. Such as Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, Justin Beiber, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman. In Bollywood also, celebs such as Amitabh Bachchan, Aditya Roy Kapur, Karan Johar, Hugh Jackman. Maybe, being a lefty is the secret to success.

5. King by Nature, Leader by Heart.

If we talk about the stats, you will get to know some of the most affluent people who have been there and done it remarkably. Queen-mother, Queen Elizabeth second, Prince Charles, Prince William are some of the left-handers. Moreover, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, among famous US president such as Bill Clinton, Barach Obama, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, is also left-handed. Some scientists claim that lefties are capable of a broader scope of thinking, which makes for a tremendous presidential quality.


6. Always have a Troubled Childhood. (My Childhood Story within)

For decades in all cultures, left-handed people were deliberated as unlucky, crooked or even evil. The word “Sinister” comes from a Latin expression for the left. They also have been considered with the darkness and the devil. That is why almost all left-handed children’s have to go through the pain of accustoming their mind to write from the right hand. I have been through a hard time when my teacher used to beat and force me to write from the right hand. I have given a try for quite many times but always end up using the left hand. Today, when I look back at those memories, I laugh and wonder what name would I have given to myself if I have forgotten using my left hand in such a way. (Left handed author) We must not fall in such meaningless customs and haunt or torture our children. If they are lefty, they are probably special from the rest 90% of the entire world population. Isn’t that enough?

7. Lefties get the attention always.

Left-handed people get noticed with the use of their hands while eating, meeting and playing sports. Although some of the greatest players in the world are left-handed, the struggle to get along with everything is real.

8. Love for Booze

Though Lefties are most perceptive and intuitive, they have been seen close to drink more than righties. They drink more frequently than righties however there’s no sign of being an absolute addicted to the drinking habit. Lefties just like to have more life and fun.

Want to know what makes lefties so cool? Watch this.

Here’s some of the infographic to fill you up about Left-handed people!

Share the post with all your left handed friends and remind them that they are loved and not alone. Tell them how cool they truly are.

Happy International Left-Handers Day Everyone!

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