There’s a lot of positive propaganda moving around us. There’s something that makes us all think that saying good things or thinking good things lead us to great actions, but today the only thing I have for you is negative. 

If you love someone, don’t tell them.

If you are planning to switch your field because you don’t like it, don’t do it.

If you are dying to express your feeling to the one you love, forget it.

Don’t sit in the exam where the chance of clearing is slim.

Don’t share your heart with your friend, who knows he/she will tell it to the world.

Don’t leave your job for living the life of your dreams, who knows you will feel worse at the end.

Don’t tell them you are sorry for the wrong things, who knows they hate you more.

Just don’t do it.

Because no matter what you do, everything has consequences, no matter what path you walk upon, some will always be left out. This is how life works, and no matter how much we want to, we cannot control everything. And the harder we try, the more we miss some of the things. So, what? What should we do?

Accept, accept that things will go wrong, except that no matter how much you try to keep others happy, some of them still hate you.

No celebrity in this world is without haters, people always have a different opinion about different things, and that makes life uncontrollable.

If that so, shouldn’t we just do what we can and leave the rest?

Yes, just do your thing.

Don’t think about what your girlfriend will feel, how your parents will react or how your friends will comment.

Because that never ends, people say things all the time.

Now, if you are ready to take responsibility for your actions, if you are prepared to live without regret and depression, if you are focused on is what you want, go for it.

Don’t give a damn about anything. Just do your thing. Not because I am saying because you wanted this. Earn it. Wear it as a badge and make yourself proud. There will still be moments of sadness and depression, but your glory is always higher than it.

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