Little Late Twenties

The moment we cross the age of twenty-five in our life, everything gets hyperactive. Birthdays no longer excite us, often we found ourselves wondering about what we are doing with our lives and its officially an age where we witness the magnitude of fuckups one could possibly handle. This is also the age where we feel lost, betrayed, and heartbroken about some of the things we have assumed to never leave us. 

Generally, after this age, some of our best friends turned into strangers. Lovers betray us due to lack of our income or status and marry someone wealthier with less moral values and everything seems grey. All the elders around us tell us that “this is the time”- “this is the time” slang to our faces, but none of them ever jump us on our soul to tell the hidden meaning behind the problem. 

“This is the time” to do what? No one ever tells us that. Maybe because even they didn’t know. 


Also, this is also the age when we slowly begin to fall under the responsibilities of your families because, with the increase in our age, our parents are turning old too. And if you are raised in a fairly middle-class family, chances are more than you will have to emerge has a hope of your family as most often parents grow their children in the form of investment. 

What about the FIRE?

If you are going through the age group of 25-30, you would instantly which kind of fire I am talking about.  When we start our journey straight out of college, we are so filled with energy and fire. The fire that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and get things done. In such age, we want to do everything on our own and become a multi-billionaire but by the time we reach till 26-30th age, we understand the cruelties of life and feel low. 

During all these years, we all have our share of success and failures, but now at this age, we became extra conscious of what works and whatnot because we have left very little of what we call as “fire” 

“Dil aksar baitha rehta hai and phele ki Tarah choti choti baaton par khushi nahi hoti,

Hoti bhi hai toh aksar yaad aati hai vo tammaam pareshaniya, And dil fir baith jaata hai.”

If that’s all that we feel then what’s the ending? 

The point is there’s no ending but the interval that enters in all of our lives, mostly all of us know what the second part holds- marriage, kids and their upbringing and life. Yes, all the things which were the part of our parents live until now, begins our part immediately. But is it the end? If we also follow the same course that our parents did before us than what is the point? 

The point is to make one. We all know that these things will happen sooner or later in all of our lives, but we can still escape and make something new. We can work on the things that add value to our lives and design which kind of life we want to have it. All of us will go through all the changes with family, what matter is how you take on things that have an impact on our lives.

Which kind of places do you want to go to? What kind of work you want to do while spending your life? What kind of impact do you want your life should have? Do you have a passion for anything that could give your life some meaning? Do you have some yearning for something which is constant and evergrowing? 

Ask yourself these questions and wonder what truly matters for you. Ask sincerely but the answers have the list of meaningful steps you will take in the future. Write down on a piece of paper and find a way to enhance your life with your efforts and actions. I believe in you and your desire to be better. Just know, that if you don’t think for yourself, nobody else will. 

Get started today!  

“Kyu dare zindagi me kya hoga, kuch na hoga toh tazurba hoga”

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