Do you ever wake up and feel like “Man, we need a new dating website.” We don’t, we already have so many dating websites that we can’t even count; Tinder, Aisle, Happn, Hinge, Ok Cupid, etc. Adding to this list in LinkedIn, yes you read it right, LinkedIn. It amazes me that the youth of our world are so desperate to find love that they would try anything literally anything possible in the world to fulfil our needs. Are we that lonely or are we just bored?
But finding love on LinkedIn works for some people as it did for me. No, I am serious.  I mean who would think that you’ll go online in search of a content writer and you’ll meet the girl of your dreams there. Guess I’ll just say I got lucky.
She was like a rainbow after a rain, breath of fresh air on a gloomy day. I came across her profile as she was looking for a job and I was looking for a freelancer. As curious as I am, I sent her an invitation and she accepted it within seconds. My heart was pounding and this had never happened before. I went to her profile and started looking at her page. Trust me when I say this, I’ve never seen or felt so much of positivity from a single person in a long time but her feed was full of self-care, mental health, positivity quotes, and stuff. I felt so curious that I sent her a text.
“Hey, I went through your profile. It looks very positive. Thank you”
“Hey, thanks!” was all she replied. I was staring at my screen like a doofus because I realized I was flirting and she didn’t respond. I heard a crack sound of my heartbreaking. “Can I actually like her with seeing her feed on LinkedIn?” I thought to myself. “Sure, you can”, my heart answered. Well, guess that was my cue to initiate the conversation with her. “Do you write?” I texted her again, hoping that she’ll answer more than a YES. “Yeah, I do. Actually, I have been freelancing for a while and was looking out a full-time project or freelance work. Do you write too?” She replied with no emojis. “Yes, Yes, I do and what a lucky day, I was looking for a freelancer and here you are. Send me your resume?” I instantly replied. “Sure” she went offline after this.
Don’t call me creepy or weirdo, I searched her on Facebook & Instagram and kept staring at her innocent face for hours until I realized that It was time to sleep. I dreamt about her gorgeous face that night and slept like a baby.  “Hey” I literally woke up to her text in the morning and I couldn’t believe that she texted me. We spoke about almost everything starting from our school to our college to our ambitions; dreams and hope for the country (still don’t know how this country topic landed up).

Love & Life @ Coffee

love at linkedin- left handed author
We spoke to each other on LinkedIn for a month and decided to meet over a cup of coffee. She picked up the place and I picked up the time. I reached before time because I was nervous and wanted everything to go perfect. It was exactly 4:00 PM when I saw her looking at me from the door and as she started to take her steps towards me my heart started to beat faster than ever. She was everything I imagined. We had an awkward moment where we couldn’t decide whether to hug each other or shake hands; we ended up doing both.
She had big brown eyes that squinted when she laughed at my attempts at bad jokes. She had long luscious hair that blew every time the ac’s wind blew at her. She had a small tattoo behind her ear, a small rose. She had a beautiful finger with perfectly manicured nails and she had a small heart tattoo on her finger as well. She had a book in her hand when she came and I asked her what was she reading, “The Young and Restless by Gurmehar Kaur” she replied.  Her voice was soothing to my ears and I could listen to her my entire life I thought to myself.
She snapped me out from my dreamland and handed me a packet which had a book inside. *She got me a book I thought*. “I think I should leave, it’s late and It’s a long ride back home,” she said hesitantly. “Okay,” I replied. I wanted this date to never end but it sadly did end. We bid goodbyes to each other and left. “Listen, next time we’ll meet at your favorite spot. Okay?” she said just before I sat in an auto to leave. “So, we are meeting again soon? Haven’t I bored you enough with my crazy story?” I replied shyly.
“No, you’re great and I would like to see you again. Also, I think I like you a little too much”. She said and she left. She is literally like a breath of fresh air, which I can’t seem to breathe enough.
We meet people online on a dating app and we just ask a random meet up or hook up but talking to her and understanding her made me realize that there is LOVE out there in the universe and it finds its way into your life by the hook or by crook. Now, who would’ve thought that you can find love on a website which is meant for complete business and career-oriented individuals. Well if you’re lucky you’ll find someone. I wish you would do.


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