My First Leather Love: Amoretto Shoes

Be well dressed, behave like a gentleman, and keep your shoes shined.

            -Joseph Abboud

If there’s one thing I remember learning from my childhood, it’s the curiosity to try out new things. Someone elder figure has said to me once that Nikhil, if you always keep trying new things & exploring new dimensions, you will forever stay young and who doesn’t want that? So, following that advice, today I am going to share the unique experience I have had with the world-class amoretto shoes.

Leather shoes have always been one of the most famous and wearable wardrobe accessory one could have. Why? Because they brings unmatchable comfort, last longer, fit well and give you the style while keeping you protected. Like everybody else, I am their fan of life.

A few days back, I came across the beautiful US-based brand Amoretto Shoes. Firstly, I was a little worried about being the shoe coming from all the way from the US but I loved what I have gleaned at my place.

Amoretto shoes is forerunner curator of handmade shoes meticulously shaped with authentic and genuine leather. Their core focus is to give utmost care and comfort to their valuable customers. Currently, they are dealing with four renowned brands namely Steemo, Tedish Paris, ID footwear and Lotus Bawa. Their customer market is expanded all over America, Asia and some sections of Africa.

I got the privilege to hold on to the most fabulous pair of ID footwear brand from Amoretto Shoes, and I really get amused by their magical collection in different patterns & styles. One can get all forms of sneakers, sports and casual shoes from their online shoe selling portal.

Comfort-Style-elegance is the three fundamental factors when you look for the right pair for a leather shoe for yourself. And I got all of three in my golden black pair of leather shoes from ID footwear (Collaborated Brand with Amoretto Shoes).

Here are a few looks that I have tried with my favourite amoretto leather shoes. These are done in two ways in which you can style your leather shoes easily. Here you go!

The Formal Attire

May it’s the shirt & trouser or a full-fledged suit, leather shoes are the first choice to wear with formals! Here I have tried them with a full suit and the semi-formal look. You can also pair them with a formal pair to go ahead with office parties, meetings, and likewise places!

The Causal Look

Here I have paired the most comfortable & good-to-do look with the classy leather boots. Instead of t-shirt and jeans, you can also play around shirts, denim with jeans/ trousers to give yourself the best compatible look with amoretto leather boots.

4 Leather Shoe Care Takeaways

Now that you know how to pair them with up with your styles, it’s time to talk about something that most of us miss—yes, the well-being of your leather shoes. Here are the four tips you can apply to safeguard your leather shoes.

  1. Don’t wear them every day. Give your shoes some free time off your legs from your schedule. It will help detaching any unpleasant smell it and odours.
  2. Avoid keeping your leather shoes in the shoe box for extended periods. Even if you use a quick care shoe cleaner, more extended storage in the shoe box leads to shoe deterioration.
  3. Keep exploring on the new cleaning solution or a chemical on a small, unnoticeable part of the shoe.
  4. Always remember not to keep a dry leather shoe near a heater because it dries the leather up. It also causes adverse effects on the shoe adhesives, making the shoe stiff and make apart easily. If your boots are wet, keep them at room temperature.

Get the best of leather shoes with the help of amoretto shoes. I am attaching their contact info below. Hope this helps! See you at the next exciting blog!

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