Sometimes not having the reason is the biggest reason.
-Nikhil Shrivastava

In the world where you could go anywhere, do anything, meet anybody and live anything, why would you go for someone with whom you have never shared a word, with whom you are an acquaintance but not even a friend? Maybe, well the answer is a BIG NO! I was having this conversation with my friend last weekend where the only perspective she has brought was of life of the business. All about giving and taking, selfishness and mean things. I don’t blame people for who they are but more often try to see the goodness in their deeds. I was somehow disturbed by her notion of living, and then I encounter the movie- The October.

If you think that the world is a lousy place to exist in, people are full of greed and lust is the only pleasure. This movie is not for you. This movie is not for those who feel in the fast-track relationships and hookups but those who are touched by something eternal. It’s for those who have seen negativity but have room for love, for it’s not such a bad thing to have. It’s for those who believe in magic, into love, and soul-stirring cinema. If you are one such kind, do not dare to miss this.

The October- Storyline

It talks about the story of two people Danish Valia (Varun Dhawan) and Shiuli (named after a flower), working in a five-star hotel. It’s a kind of love story where there’s no commitment, never a word uttered by any of them which is full of love, but you still feel love, in a way that has never indeed shown in this mean world. Dan often appears as a frustrated and precocious kid who never takes his training seriously. At the other end, Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) has emerged as a bright and brilliant girl. At no point in time, there’s a conversation which clears a line of love in these two shining birds. And then something happened that changed their lives. Shiuli had an accident and slowly grasp under the deep coma, a state where she can’t talk, walk or move her body on her own. She had asked for the Dan just before meeting the accident when he was on holidays. The event somehow changes Dan’s life and took him to the place where he has never imagined.

The whole movie was done so beautifully with the unique blend of slow music, sunrises and falling flowers from the trees. There’s not a single song in the movie, but during the whole time, your heart pumps a little slow and little faster on the scenes.

One Question

There’s one scene in the movie, where seeing on Dan’s devotion his friend says. “Why are you so affected? At least, check the chances of her survival?”

When Dan (Varun Dhawan) replied, “Kyu, tum log jab chance Hota hai Tabhi koi Kaam Karte ho kya?” (This touched me. We leave in a generation which is slowly losing the human contact and becoming more and more robotic. I want to askthe same to everyone who is reading this. Do you only do something just when there’s a chance?)

Some movies are just like a breeze where some are the balm; this belongs to the latter category. There are scenes where you can judge the love from their eyes or the sheer innocence of dan’s smiles and Shiuli’s reactions. It’s honestly a movie which lingers more in your heart even after you are out of the cinema.It’s an incredible pleasure to watch Varun Dhawan doing full justice to his character. Shoojit (Director of Vicky donor, Madras Café and Piku) is an unbelievable storyteller who keeps the hold of the audience throughout the storyline. The songs from the movie, Tab Bhi Tu (Rahet fateh ali khan) Teher Ja, are already a chartbuster in the row.

And last but not the least, it validates my thought on unconditional love and devotion for someone. It justifies what love is and what attachment is and clarifies on how pure it can be. Still, if you be searching for the reason for why danish falls in love with someone who is coma and have no chance to live, I might say that sometimes, not having a reason is the most significant reason.

Oh lover, do not miss this one.

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