Predicting the Unpredictable- What are we stepping into?

It could be a relaxing Sunday afternoon for you where you would be watching your favourite series, playing with your little bundle of joys or just wondering about some time on/off with your loved one. But do you have any idea of what we are stepping into?
Yes, I am talking about the rough corners of your head which speak of the days when everything will get back normal. When there will be life on roads, dinners at restaurants and weekends at movies or maybe a hill-station.
All that seems a bit distant at the moment but desirable when you ask your heart, isn’t it? But the question really is about whether it is actually going to return that way? Where are we going once things return to normal? 
Well, I have something in store for you. Something that can affect your future or help you think for yourself about it. In order to understand that, I need you to follow the tools which are here as follows: 
  1. Keep the Netflix series on hold and come along with me. 
  2. Keep your loved ones away for a while because it is only important for them too unless you can make them ready to read this with you.
  3. Keep your friend’s video call waiting for next 5-10 minutes until you complete it
  4. Well, you can eat what you have in hand (I am not that strict, lol) 
  5. And now the final thing, I want you to think with me, through my eyes with your mind, see for yourself for it’s about you and the people you love. 
Thank you for doing that with me! You owe this to yourself! 
I know how the things in the world are today, you, me and everyone are stressed, worried and anxious about what is going to be. With more than 50000 people dying from a disease like a corona, it has nearly shut down the entire world.
I know how you think inside your head about the health and life of your parents, partners, kids or loved ones, but are you actually caring about what lies behind the picture? Something that affects them with you. 
Yes, I am talking about a perspective which most people are avoiding at the moment, the thought about whether it’s an end to us or a beginning of something much worse. 

It’s Robo time

predicting the unpredictable-lefthandedauthor

In my last article, I have mentioned about how it could be a planned move by something and someone so big.  Now robots are being perceived as a guardian angel in hospitals, but I am wondering how the reaction of people would be if robots will be used as workers in the manufacturing units, considering the present need and the circumstances for the world? 
Slowly moving towards the next level of the digital age, are we entering into the dynamics where robots are actually being used as a worker?
A smart and intelligent worker who takes no off, demands no high wages, never gets ill and never has any emergencies? Are we close to their entries in our commercial lives?
If yes, is it going to affect us? Is it going to affect you?

Work from Home Reality 

predicting the unpredictable-lefthandedauthor

Almost everyone seems to be loving the work from the home cycle, a position where we would love to be working from our own homes. Even companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft are announcing permanent work from home shifts, it shows that the world is entering into a dimension it wasn’t ever before.
Where there is a lot of upside to the work from home, we are yet to observe the problems of productivity, problems of people being laid off and problems of not being connected to their team workers.
When will robots enter, Will that feature prove out to be a problem for us? How do you see it?

Lockdown- Once in a lifetime or twice in a year? 

Forget about robots, and tell me about the lockdowns. Do you think this is going to be a one in a 100-year problem which will go back in the same way without ever showing up? 
When a single country can come and throw a virus so big that destroys and affects millions of lives worldwide, what do you think other countries would do?
They would just invest their time battling the situation or think of creating even a powerful virus to win the game of power, influence and trade? What does your heart say, my friend? 
Are we entering into a different rage and war among countries? 
When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to go to my balcony, a place from where I can see the clouds, green lush trees, a cool breeze in the air and melodious voices from birds that I have thought long gone, and for moments I feel like heaven is on earth. But knowing all this, I wonder what if all this a silence before a big storm? What if?
Know that darkness isn’t the opposite of light, it’s the absence of light. And it’s the darkness that we have to observe if we wish to survive what’s coming. Will our skills be relevant? Will our existing work survive? Will we get through the economic dust which is about to overshadow the entire world’s economy?  
There’s more. There’s more to these issues and it relates to the areas you know better than me. It’s time to predict the unpredictable not for me, but for you. For it’s yours to create. 

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