It is always about the stories & energy.

Ever since my childhood, I have heard the stories of heroes, people who have the determination to turn adversities into opportunities and challenges into blossoming flowers. I used to wonder what they look like in real life,  whether they have superpowers or show up in a fancy costume. But I have no idea that universe will grant me the opportunity to meet with heroes in such a brilliant way and when that happened, all my visions and dreams about heroes purified on its own.

I have recently encountered the valour of energy on 21st of July 2018 at a magical event of Women Equality Day at Jove Conscious Foundation. The nature of the explorer and the favour of the government (Mentor of Change, GOI, Niti Ayog) has led me the invitation to be there and witness the ultimate reality of women with my bare eyes.

Here, I get to realise that heroes don’t wear a fancy costume but live in such a way that light shines through them. I recognise that they don’t have the power to fly or walk on water, but are capable of working hard and making decisions that are hardest for many of us. That they can do great things for the people they love and are able to have the wisdom to look at the brighter side despite what life has thrown to them.

And the main part? I encountered such heroes in women at Women Equality Day, Jove Conscious Foundation.

Have a look at some of the heroes below-:

I now call them Fighters, Heroes and Bravehearts who has the courage and never gives up! Thank you for teaching us the true meaning of holding on and staying in love!

These women not just possess the will, but also have the ability to turn dreams into reality. At JCF, more than 700 girls are being educated every single day to become self-sufficient and independent. They are indulged into SSC coaching, Beauty Parlour Technician, Office management courses, fashion designing courses, and much more. These girls/women might be coming to the centre after facing a lot of hardships from their families and society, but they have the burning desire to improve and hope to have a beautiful future. Moreover, the best part is that the JCF team is continually working day & night to deliver the best for designing a happier tomorrow for these women of our society.


As the day suggests, the whole event was about bringing the awareness about the gender-based biases and need for women to stand equally with men.

  • Renowned Personalities from different brands has participated in the event and sincerely appreciated the cause and the benevolent actions taking place at JCF. Some of them are Mr Prakash Tiwari Assistant Director DLF foundation, Ms Lopa Mudra Head CSR Sonalika TraMsor, Ms Rupali Agarwal Head CSR Relaxo limited and Ms Binita from GMR group, Mr Prem Peyara, the life coach and founder members of JCF.
  • More than 650 community ladies gathered to attend this event and got moved by the inspiration of the JCF team & the students studying in the society.
  • Different cultural performances took place to show the strength of willpower and hard work.
  • International Author and Life Coach, Prem Peyara has come all the way from Australia to participate in the event and has launched and distributed his book, Breathe Right- Gain New Academic Heights for the Student of Jove Conscious Foundation to discover the miracle of conscious breathing and realise all the dreams of their lives.


It’s not just a book published internationally in Australia, but an unparalleled guide to turnaround the future of any boy/girl in the world. It holds the miraculous breathing techniques that teach your child the way to channelise his breathe and so all areas of his life. Prem Peyara, a great man of honour and infinite love, has given the paramount printing distribution rights to JOVE Conscious foundation and did distribute the book for a better future of all these children. He’s divine in his acts and heart.

Happy Girls holding the masterpiece of a brilliant future in their hands.


“No matter where are you from, you deserve a chance at success. You deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and love. You are not what circumstances make you. So no matter how bad today looks, stand up & live your dreams. Be Independent. Learn some skill and hold that power in your hand always. Fight the adversity, fight those who don’t believe in your dreams. And if you don’t have the energy to stand up for yourself, do it for those who are looking after you.”

– Left Handed Author



Albert Einstien once said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”  Founders & visionaries of Jove Conscious Foundation has proved it in their living. Let’s meet the people who have made it all possible.

(Sanjay Gupta, Renu Gupta, Urmil Lamba and Prem Peyara)  


If you know a girl or women, who have the spark but not the direction, direct her to JCF foundation. Moreover, to support the cause do your share through their secured digital channel on their website. Get in touch with the following details. Jai Hind.


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