Man is fiery, creative and joyous. He dreams for stars and the moon. Wish to explore the stories of the far land, dreams of travel, dancing with his love, and runs after his ambitions like they are the only thing that matters.

And then one day, everything changes. He falls in love with someone, and become a father. Everything shifts in the moment when he holds that little merry soul in his hands. At that moment, the only thing that matters is his baby.

He forgot what he wants, remembers that he has to collect every happiness for his baby. Something inside him changes, and he becomes a different person altogether. Because now he knows that someone is watching him every day following his actions and representing him to the world. He wants to become a hero, at least in his child’s eyes. That’s how powerful a father-son/daughter relationship is.

You will forget thinking about your own once you have them in your life.

Respect your parents.

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