In life, it is effortless to judge something or someone, people do it all the time. You read the newspaper, and you will get to know all the complicated version of why every politician, actor and a criminal has done heavenly or disastrous for the other. Everybody is busy talking about the negatives of life, the evil part but have you ever thought why things are the way they are? In our everyday life, we keep talking about the people and things that we hate and dislike but have you ever thought about why we hate them?

Is it just because they have done something wrong to us?

Since childhood, we have been gulping the thoughts of happiness and having the pure compassion- the ability to walk in their shoes (means understanding why they have done what they have done.) If that so, what is the reason why we still hold on to anger, pain, and thoughts of negativity in our relationship with others?

Shouldn’t we just walk in their shoes and try to understand the situation and find a way to move ahead?

“Never assume. 80% of relationship dies because we assume too much and says too little.” 

I am no one to present to you the truth of life. I can just show you the hints. Here are five things that I think is the “why” behind the massive popularity of “screw you” than “I understand”. Have a look-:

  1. Because when you try to step into the shoes of others and understand their feelings of why they hurt you-you got hurt on a deeper level and sometimes it is tough to escape that.
  2. Understanding their conditions and situations often make you have more empathy for the victim, and that is something none of us wants for the ones we hate.
  3. Because sometimes when you get to know the full story, you see the point. It may happen that you couldn’t receive back the feelings you were expecting from them and when you get to know the reasons- your enemy changes. You begin to question your life, destiny and almighty. And that is a tough fight to Keep on.
  4. We hold hatred for them as we have been taught to stay away from the things that we hate. So, if you hate someone who has hurt you, you push them away from your mind, heart, and intellect. That’s how people are surviving in their workplaces and societies- by holding on to the hate within.
  5. Because we are hopeless. We have no hope of them turning over, we have lost all beliefs and ability that something will change, or there would be a possibility of both of you to come together and live as beautiful human beings.

Maybe it will help you manage your relationship issues and help you heal yourself

Feeling Broken? Look Within 

Nikhil Shrivastava- Look within- Left handed author

Today is not the judgment day, nor I have the power to judge anyone. I just think of the above pointers as the reason why people are so much accustomed to hatred and negative emotions. Among everything that happens, I know that negative emotions are never going to give you the freedom that you seek within. They are going to pile up and break you harder. I suggest you find the peace within. Hold nothing within, think nothing about what will happen and leave everything to the God or energy you believe in. Trust the energy, and let it drives you–for that is what required.

May you find peace within.

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