What am I feeling?

What am I feeling

What am I feeling? What am I feeling? What am I feeling?

I guess you have known what’s the reason behind me writing those lines in multiple fractions. Yes, it’s what we fail to understand repeatedly., i.e., self-realization. We are so over drowned in the swam of meaningless information that we are lacking the true perspective from life.

We just want things without reason and purpose, without actual sense or fulfillment. If I ask you what is that you truly want from your life, you might give me the answers of huge wealth, great physique or a magical lifestyle, but the purpose argues. It’s quite funny how we want things just based on someone else is having them.

Remember grass always look greener from the other side and it’s not what it looks like. Moreover, when we want things not from the desire of our heart but from the desire of society, we fail to have the meaning. We rush without purpose and in turns, it creates a vacuum in our heart. We fail to listen to

Our heart and soul and keeps running for the meaningless tribe of life, and our whole life distorts like anything. Remember, you have given a limited time on the earth and before you even realize, it’s all going to be over. There will be no time left and we might be regretting over the long-lost things.

Give yourself time. Breathe. Take out just as small as a period of 5 minutes from your schedule and evaluate yourself. Self-Evaluation is the best evaluation. Ask from yourself what are you feeling? What kind of emotion you are having? Are you sad, angry or frustrated? What is that mixed vibe you are having? Feel it. Now try to look for the reasons behind your behavior. Focus on the things that are not going in the right direction for you. Focus on what’s wrong. Why you are feeling the way you are feeling? Make pointers note it down.

Now, that you have covered over half of the battle, it’s time to look for the possible outcomes. Write down the things you can truly do to improve the situation. What are the possible ways for the development to come out of a problem or a situation and then just go for it? Don’t ignore your moods, situations, and feelings. We cannot spend days without talking to the ones we love, so how can we just go on without speaking the real issues with ourselves.

Life is not that easy and with the amount of the information we are exposed to, it’s high time for us to take us with extreme love and compassion. Remember, kindness is free and the very first person you often have to be kind to is yourself.



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