meaning of loving someone

Practically speaking, it’s been awhile since I have made my last post and I was kind of looking for something great to write about and then yesterday while having a great conversation with a friend, this question came to me. And there and then, I decided that I am going to do it.

Let me ask you first, what do you mean when you say you love someone?

Please don’t give me answers like-:

  • Seeing them happy.
  • Loving them.
  • Spending your time with them.
  • Or sharing food with them.

If you think any of what you have said above, you need to think for better answers. We all have been fascinated with the idea of love throughout our lives, so now let’s try to imagine what it would honestly mean for you. Not from something you have read in a book, nor a great dialogue from the movie, but truly asking your heart about what it could mean for you?

Now, either you will ask your heart whether you believe in your love (After the break-up, of course!), or would think of what it means for you? (I want you to do the latter anyway!) 

While you are searching for the answer, let me tell you mine.

I think to love someone is to see magic in them, is to search for the home in them and found yourself somewhere below the line. I believe in love; you give someone the ability to hold your peace, your mind and soul. It is true that it’s always about the intimacy, not of the body but the soul. Wherever you go, whatever you do, your soul aligns to each other. But it doesn’t really mean that you have to be boring with them. You can be the best of yourself, dancing on the beats, singing to the mountain, or even running into the forests, but alongside they make space and heart shell which cannot be felt with anyone else. That’s what makes them your home. To love someone is to do things for them without expecting anything in return. Love isn’t business in which you give and take, and most of the times, things you do in love won’t make any sense. Remember, none of best things in life does. It’s about the special place of heaven where you want to travel, have a lot of variety of food, endless dance moves, hugs & kisses, holding hands with incurable desire to cuddle, and have a million stories to share.

For me, to love someone is to see a home, a story, and heaven, all in one person, forever. To see magic in all her little things and remind her that she makes heaven come to earth for me. 🙂

What about you?


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