What’s Your Truth?

What's your truth- left handedauthor

People say truth is an illusion and everyone has their own version for it. Some say it’s something that defines the perspective of one’s life and some consider it as something worth living for. In today’s time, where emotions like love, care and respect are getting exchanged for greed, desire, and accomplishment- everything seems meaningless. However, the truth has kept a strong place for itself in the life of those who hold value for us. But how do you define it? There’s no definition of it given in the books or has nothing that is taught to us in the school. It’s the soul learning, we have taken it from those who hold a special place in our heart. However, the truth is versatile, it can change its colors and adapt to the situation as required, moreover, it’s diplomatic as well. Even in terms of religions, many of them taught us to believe that God is one and is in the form taught to us and nothing else exists in a similar form. But all of that teaches us the same thing and it’s hard to believe which one is true? People often ignore the fact that truth has an age too. And it’s a hundred times of what we live but like life, we get to choose our truth. It’s hard to identify the truth behind religions but it’s easy to identify the truth behind life.

 The Importance

Why do we need to know the truth of our lives? What difference will it make? Will it change our income or add up to our materialistic wellness? You are on the right track if you are thinking one of these questions. I can’t tell you if knowing truth can add to your materialistic wellness but I know that it can bring you to peace. The very few things nobody taught you but you need to know- is what you hold within. The truth of your life, your energy and happiness.

Your truth talks about who you are within and what is that you want to do with your life. The reason why most people are suffering from depression, anxiety and mind issues is just the lack of ability to speak truth with themselves. The society has wrapped us into a double shadow monster that we are almost unable to share our heart with ourselves. We are so rooted to speak about false that we are having troubles replying our heart about what we want and what we not. And when we lie to ourselves, our heart refuses to respond and work in the alignment of our mind which leads to issues such as sleep apnea, depression, and anxiety attacks.

Free Yourself

Your body hears what you speak to yourself when you are alone. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t say you are okay when you are shaking. Whatever your truth is, accept it with grace.

Speak of it to the one you love. You cannot build a foundation of growth and success on a lie. Speak with your heart of all that you hold within. Speak with love, grace, and happiness. Once you accept your truth, everything will become easy. Your body will know what your heart has been trying to convey and your soul will be aligned to your happiness. The same scenario works deeply in career, passion, and relationships. Be courageous and discover your truth, and once you know it. Keep your soul aligned and mind free to attain the highest success in life.

I wish you all the love and happiness!


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