You Can’t Be What You Want To Be

You must be wondering why did I say that? Did I say that because I failed at something I want to be or I am just a pessimist? What do you think? I believe it’s the first option, as people often think that if someone is saying something, it’s because of their tragedy of life. After all, where all great artists have born from!

Well, the scenario is entirely different here. I am not saying this because I have failed at something I want to be (I have failed at some other things though), but because I have discovered something. What is that?

It is something to be felt in our overall aura but not tangible at all. I kind of believe that people are born with great things, but also with one nasty habit of having endless desires. Most of the desires we are having come from the people in our group who were having those things and feeling phenomenal. We get these desires from them and then we land up to the very topic of this phrase, i.e., You can’t be what you want to be.”

Why you can’t achieve your dreams? 

Like the curious, active humans, we have all the desires of the world and a heart which is sad about not being able to make them come true. That happens, when we just want things without no logical reasoning, (just because someone else has it or whatsoever) we fall in the trap. We can’t materialize it and become sad.

It could be a career field that we have given many years to, a hobby turned into passion or any financial desire that is very important for us. Sometimes, things take the opposite road and we begin to lose hope.

We start fighting our beliefs of positivity and begin to tremble on the thoughts which say that you can achieve anything and go upto any extent in life. The reason why we are failing doesn’t have to do anything with these thoughts, but to the goal that we are pursuing.

The Secret

We try to know and follow everything except what we are born to. You cannot become what you want to be, but you can become everything you are. There’s no star or greater achiever in this world who have ever achieved that state. They just have realized who they are and went with it. You can’t become what you want to until you keep following just random dreams for just ordinary pursuits of life. Take time to know yourself first, have self-evaluation sessions. If something is not right for you, still you want to do it- ask yourself if it’s worth putting your life on risk too. All of us have the potential to rise and become the best in our game, it’s just that we don’t listen to the gut and keep moving with the flow and want ordinary things and thus end up losing.

The purpose of life is not to be better than the other but to discover your own gift and embrace it no matter what. You can give whatever you have into the universe but only before you embrace the fact that you have it. Whatever you give out into the universe comes back to you.

The facts that you spend most of your “career thinking time” thinking about what you should do or what makes you happy or should you be doing this desk job or not is the time you waste by thinking the things that don’t matter. Just be yourself and do what you do best.

You can’t be what you want to be but you can whom you are in real. Just be honest to yourself and see how the stars fall right under your feet and soon you’ll be the one riding them rather than looking someone riding them.

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